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Mortgage Angels have been helping local business owners and businesses in Northern Ireland to protect their ownership, assets, employees and customers. We offer a range of products to give you peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.

When things don’t go according to plan, what’s the bottom line for your business?
So here you are, satisfied with your business success to date, proud of what you’ve built, perhaps strategising for further growth and most probably looking ahead with confidence.

But what happens should the unthinkable happen?
Is the business that sustains your family and lifestyle strong enough to survive the death or long-term illness of you, a partner or key personnel? Should the worst happen to you, what becomes of your business interests? Will your family be treated fairly or would they have to endure a long, complicated process to resolve your business affairs? Put it simply, do you have the right Business Protection?

With personal expertise in this area developed over the last 10 years, we can safely say that every business is likely to have at least one business protection need.

Mortgage Angels NI can advise on the best structure and suitable life insurance for those self-employed and critical illness policies to protect your business in the case of financial fallout.

We’ve already done that for a wide range of business clients across the UK & Northern Ireland, in different industries and marketplaces.

When deciding on a suitable business protection solution for you, our aim is to ensure you’re prepared to deal with a range of potentially difficult circumstances, confidently and cost-effectively.

Businesses We’ve Worked With

Types of Business Protection

1. Key Person Protection

What would happen if the key person in your business in Northern Ireland or UK couldn’t come into work tomorrow or for the foreseeable future? Key Person Protection also known as Key Man Insurance, goes a long way to protecting your business from the loss of one of its most valuable assets: its people.

With a Key Man Insurance policy in place, a cash lump sum will help your business through the financial fallout that can come with the death or critical illness of a key employee or business owner.

And you can use the money as you need to: to pay wages or suppliers, or to protect your reputation in the marketplace. For many businesses, in these circumstances, having a key person policy in place gives them the best chance of survival for when that person is ready to return to work or has been replaced.

2. Ownership Protection

If your share of the business is your most valuable asset, protecting it for the benefit of your family is not only highly recommended: it’s essential. Business protection insurance can not only make life easier and more straightforward for your family should the worst happen, but it also protects your business over the long term.

3. Business Loan Protection

Many factors can affect your ability to repay a business loan. So it makes good business sense to protect against those that may affect you directly. If your business has outstanding borrowings such as a bank loan, commercial mortgage, director loan accounts or if you have given the bank personal guarantees relating to the business then Business Loan Protection could help you.

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At Mortgage Angels we specialise in matching our clients with the most suitable business protection for their circumstances.

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